Artist's Statement

As far as I know, my paintings are not included in any corporate collections. I've never earned an MFA (or for that matter a BFA). There is nothing-repeat, nothing-more difficult than facing a blank canvas, yet that is what I do daily. It would be so much easier to simply walk away. My self-esteem is challenged every time I select a brush, and most of the time I fail.

That being said, and acting on a suggestion made some years ago by my wife, I paint landscapes graced with farmhouses, barns, and accompanying out buildings. My subjects are from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina, and it is my intention to create a visual record of these noble and handsome structures in a rapidly disappearing rural landscape.

What I have discovered is that while one can easily render walls, doors, and trees, the challange lies in capturing the sweat, laughter, and love that went into building and inhabiting these truly American works of art.

I'd like to recognize the support of my wife Susan and son Evan, whose presence in my life keeps me grounded and focused. And finally, thanks to my mother, Edith Miller, and my late father, Harold Miller, Sr., who never failed to give me a new box of crayons at Christmas.

I am privileged to cite the work of Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, the Wyeths (N.C. and Andrew) and Sydney Laurence as major influences.

The best verbal instruction I ever received from a painting teacher was, "Painting is quite simple. You put the correct colors and shapes in the correct places." (James Innes, 1971)